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Februar 16 '18
Schwimmkräne heben Deckshaussektionen für Neubau „W.B. Yeats“
August 3 '17
Verschleppung der PEKING von Brunsbüttel nach Wewelsfleth


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Otto Wulf GmbH & Co. KG: We drag you to success

Welcome to Otto Wulf GmbH & Co. KG, your specialist when it comes to towing services, salvage and recovery work, sea transport, floating crane operations, transport services for offshore equipment and much more!

From Cuxhaven and Rostock, we provide convincing solutions for the North European Sea area for even the most demanding and complex tasks. Whatever your problem: we will get to grips with it and solve it.

Benefit from our almost 100 years of company experience, our extensive know-how, our dedicated and expert employees, high-performance special equipment and the flexibility, speed and personal attention of a medium-sized family company.

Wulf Seetransporte GmbH & Co. KG

Through our subsidiary company Wulf Seetransporte GmbH & Co. KG we offer a comprehensive range of services in the area of planning and construction supervision of new construction projects, and in commercial and technical management. Further information on Wulf Seetransporte GmbH & Co. KG will shortly be available on the homepage, which is currently in the process of compilation.